We were established as SEEDCORP|HO in 2017 to be an integrated soybean seed platform, encompassing an exclusive genetic improvement program, broad production capacity and diverse market access opportunities.
Our presence approaches 80% of the soybean market in South America, which represents around 95% of legal seed consumption in this region, covering more than 60 million hectares. We offer a highly competitive commercial portfolio, consisting of around 30 soybean varieties and 4 corn hybrids, providing farmers across South America with the best options available on the market.
We are committed to excellence in all our activities. From the genetic improvement program to the production and distribution of seeds, we recognize the importance of our work and value the producers who trust our products.
Mission Our Mission is to actively collaborate in agribusiness, through our seeds, so that farmers have the best results in productivity, in a sustainable and conscious way.
vision Gain recognition from farmers and commercial partners as a reference in the agricultural market.
PLEASURE: We are passionate about what we do, and the results drive us to innovate and offer the best soybean solutions to the field.
INTEGRITY: Our actions are guided by ethics, always valuing transparency and trust in all aspects of the business.
COOPERATION: We believe in the synergy of a team united with the same purpose, sharing skills and talents to make the producer's daily life easier.
CONSISTENCY: We carry out our work with discipline and rigor, ensuring that each stage of our work is in accordance with our values ​​and strategy.