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Investment of US$ 1.2 million per year in research and development of new products.

  • Highly Qualified Team
  • 2 Research stations (BRA / ARG) and 37 test sites among all countries
  • Extensive field testing with a focus high quality, on performance, logistics, mechanization and good management practices.
  • Computerized systems are utilized along with statistical analysis tools for the global management of information
  • Existence of a special program for the selection of widely adapted varieties
  • Intensive work on major diseases, in greenhouses and in the field, with the help of molecular markers


Ramallo – Província de Buenos Aires

Research Station in Ramallo

Area of ​​25ha for an experimental field. Located 62km from Pergamino, near Ramallo. This is where we do the trials of the F1 and F2 breeding part, progeny lines and comparative performance tests.

Darío Girotti - Improver


Primavera do Leste - Mato Grosso

Research Station in Primavera do Leste

In this unit, we have two greenhouses for the manipulation of regulated materials, a cold room and a work area optimized for the realization of three generations per year. We also have an area of ​​30ha for an experimental field. Located 32km from the city and next to the Primavera farm of the Otelhar Group, it is used for the summer test and winter increment - allowing us to accelerate the cycles and the continuous improvement.

Irineu Hartwig - Director of Research and Development Latam