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Business model: Brazil

About the model

A company. Two work fronts.

SeedCorp | HO with two work fronts in Brazil. The first in the licensing model with the HO GENETIC brand, commercializing our own genetics for important seed multipliers in Brazil. And the second in the verticalized mode, where our team of representatives work with farmers directly by marketing, besides our own genetics, the genetics of our partners: Brasmax, Monsoy and Soytech.


Our products

We offer the best of soy and corn hybrids so that you, the farmer, have the best solutions that suit your property.

Specialized in the genetic improvement of soybeans

A HO | GENETICS is a licensing mark of the SEEDCORP group | HO in Brazil. It currently has more than 25 licensed companies offering a total of 20 own genetic varieties and investments of US$ 1.2 million per year in research and development of new products.